About QPA

Our vision

QPA - Beyond Accreditation

An Australian healthcare sector fully engaged, through accreditation, in continuing quality improvement.

Our mission

Quality Practice Accreditation exists to improve the healthcare of people, their families and communities by providing health care organisations with greater support, flexibility, choice and value in a innovative and comprehensive, continuing quality assurance, audit and risk management framework.

QPA builds confidence in the quality of general practice at the same time as developing opportunities for, and investing in, people in the small rural community in which it is based.

Our core values

Innovation - by engaging in efficient work processes to achieve better productivity and performance

Customer Service - by understanding and exceeding expectations

Teamwork - working together respectfully, valuing each other, to deliver the best outcomes for customers and the organisation

Integrity - each employee is accountable for their actions

Leadership – by striving to lead in personal, team and business excellence

Our code of conduct and ethical principles

QPA recognises the importance of a work environment which actively promotes best practice. The purpose of our Code of Conduct is to describe the standards of behaviour and conduct expected from workplace participants in their dealings with customers, clients, suppliers, co-workers, management and the general public. The Code applies to all managers, employees, agents and contractors (including GP and non-GP surveyors).

All workplace participants are expected to observe the highest standards of ethics, integrity and behaviour, and to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner, during the course of their employment or engagement with QPA.

Amongst other expectations, QPA workplace participants must:

• Comply with all laws, policies, procedures, rules, regulations and contracts

• Be honest and fair in dealings with customers, clients, suppliers, co-workers, management and the general public

• Treat customers, clients, suppliers, co-workers, management and the general public in a non-discriminatory manner, with proper regard for their rights and dignity

• Promptly report any violations of law, ethical principles, policies and this Code

• Refrain from any form of conduct which may cause any reasonable person unwarranted offence or embarrassment, or give rise to the reasonable suspicion or appearance of improper conduct or biased performance

In conjunction with our Code of Conduct, QPA maintains a Statement of Ethical Principles to which we adhere, and which provides a framework for our ethical decision-making.

About GPA

The GPA ACCREDITATION plus program (GPA) is operated by Quality Practice Accreditation Pty Ltd (QPA). GPA was introduced in 1999 in order to provide general practices in Australia with a choice of accreditation provider.

Our team believes that accreditation is an accomplishment, not a test. Make your accreditation journey beneficial, achievable and rewarding by choosing the accreditation provider that understands, and engages with, your practice. GPA ACCREDITATION plus: the choice is yours.

For more information, please download a copy of our brochure.

If you would like to access the current version of our Terms and Conditions of Accreditation, please click here.

Privacy policy

For information on how QPA manages your information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.



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