Video Series

The GPA video series is being developed to include presentations covering all criteria within the RACGP Standards for general practices, 4th Edition. These videos and associated resources are designed to assist practice staff to better understand the requirements of the Standards and apply the criteria in their practice.

Video Presentation Slides Resources
1.1.1 Triage Presentation Slides 1.1.1 Triage
1.1.1 Scheduling care
What is Triage?
1.1.1 & 1.1.2 Scheduling care and telephone communications Presentation Slides 1.1.1 Scheduling care
1.1.2 Telephone and electronic communications
1.1.3 & 1.1.4 Home visits and after hours care Presentation Slides 1.1.3 Home and other visits
1.1.4 Care outside normal opening hours
1.2 Practice information Presentation Slides 1.2.1 Practice information sheet
1.2.2 Informed patient decisions
1.2.3 Interpreter and other communication services
1.2.4 Costs associated with care
1.3.1 and 1.5.3 Reminders, recalls and results Presentation Slides 1.3.1 Health promotion and preventative care
1.5.3 System for follow up of tests and results
Recall: patients with clinically significant test results
1.4 Diagnosis and management of health problems Presentation Slides 1.4.1 Consistent evidence based practice
1.4.2 Clinical autonomy for general practitioners
1.5.1 and 1.5.2 Continuity of care including clinical handover Presentation Slides 1.5.1 Continuity of comprehensive care and the therapeutic relationship
1.5.2 Clinical Handover
1.6 Coordination of care Presentation Slides 1.6.1 Engaging with other services
1.6.2 Referral documents
1.7 Medical records, Part 1 Presentation Slides 1.7.1 Patient health records
1.7.2 Health summaries
1.7.3 Consultation notes
1.7 Medical records, Part 2 Presentation Slides 1.7.1 Patient health records
1.7.2 Health summaries
1.7.3 Consultation notes
2.1.1 and 2.1.3 Collaborating with patients and third party presence Presentation Slides 2.1.1 Respectful and culturally appropriate care
2.1.3 Presence of a third party
2.1.2 Patient feedback Presentation Slides 2.1.2 Patient feedback
3.1.1 and 3.1.2 Quality improvement and clinical risk management Presentation Slides 3.1.1 Quality improvement activities
3.1.2 Managing clinical risks
3.1.3 and 3.1.4 Clinical governance and patient identification Presentation Slides 3.1.3 Clinical governance
3.1.4 Patient identification
3.2 Education and training Presentation Slides 3.2.1A and B Medical board registration and vocational registration evidence
3.2.1C and D QI&CPD and CPR training evidence
3.2.2 Qualifications of clinical staff
3.2.3 Training of administrative staff
4.1 Human resources and OH&S systems Presentation Slides 4.1.2 Occupational health and safety
Induction and orientation programs for new GPs and staff
Risk management for practice staff security
4.2 Management of health information Presentation Slides 4.2.2 Information security
4.2.2 Business continuity plans Part 1 Presentation Slides 4.2.2 Information security
4.2.2 Business continuity plans Part 2 Presentation Slides 4.2.2 Information security
5.1 Facilities and access Presentation Slides 5.1.1 Practice facilities
5.1.2 Physical conditions conducive to confidentiality and privacy
5.1.3 Physical access
5.2 Practice equipment Presentation Slides 5.2.1 Practice equipment
5.2.1 Equipment maintenance schedule
5.2.2 Doctor's Bag
5.3.1 Safe and quality use of medicines Presentation Slides 5.3.1 Schedule 8 medicines
5.3.1 Safe and quality use of medicines
5.3.2 Cold chain management Presentation Slides 5.3.2 Vaccine potency
5.3.3 Sterilisation Part 1 Presentation Slides 5.3.3 Sterilisation
5.3.3 Sterilisation Part 2 Presentation Slides 5.3.3 Sterilisation
5.3.3 Pandemics Presentation Slides 5.3.3 Cross-infection
Disease surveillance
5.3.3 Handwashing techniques Presentation Slides 5.3.3 Cross infection
Hand hygiene
5.3.3 The spills kits Presentation Slides 5.3.3 The spills kit
5.3.3 Clinical waste Presentation Slides Clinical waste collection
Clinical waste storage and disposal
Clinical waste versus general waste
5.3.3 Healthcare associated infections Presentation Slides 5.3.3 Healthcare associated infections
5.3.3 Cross infection





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